Research Type Facet

Classes Description
Validation Research Tools investigated are novel and have not yet been implemented in practice. Tools used are for example experiments, i.e., work done in the lab.
Evaluation Research Tools are implemented in practice and an evaluation of the tool is conducted. That means, it is shown how the tool is implemented in practice (solution implementation) and what are the consequences of the implementation in terms of benefits and drawbacks (implementation evaluation). This also includes identification of problems in industry.
Solution Proposal A solution for a problem is proposed, the solution can be either novel or a significant extension of an existing tool. The potential benefits and the applicability of the solution is shown by a small example or a good line of argumentation.
Philosophical Paper These papers sketch a new way of looking at existing things by structuring the field in form of a taxonomy or conceptual framework.
Opinion Paper These papers express the personal opinion of somebody whether a certain tool is good or bad, or how things should be done. They do not rely on related work and research methodologies.
Experience Paper Experience papers explain what and how something has been done in practice. It has to be the personal experience of the author.

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